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How it works

User creates an account in the app

He finds a questionnaire of stores, banks, insurance companies, community organizations or any other organizations wherever he was

He can read the questionnaire

He can fill the questionnaire

And send the questionnaire to company

Now user has decided to fill out another questionnaire

He opens another questionnaire, but the field that he filled in other questionnaires already filled in automatically, all you need is to fill in only new fields and send it. User gradually builds its own database fields and in completing these questionnaires virtually all data already entered

User can view news from companies, fill the other questionnaire of the company, participate in surveys of companies

Companies can automatically send to their customers news, polls, questionnaires

Users can share this information in social networks

User can change his personal data online or offline

All data about clients, who completed the questionnaire, is automatically transferred to the personal account of the company at